How to Rap Fast and Clean at the Same Time?

Rapping is an art and Eminem is the Picasso of it. There, I said it. Although I am a Rakim worshipper and a Travis Scott stan, Eminem is the King here. Rapping at ungodly speed and with the neat articulation of words and great rhymes is what only Eminem does best. Want to rap fast and clean like Eminem in Godzilla? We’ll there’s a long way to go obviously. But as they say, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Rappers like Twista, Tech9ne, and Busta Rhymes are also incredibly fast and amazing at what they do.

If you are not a clear and fast rapper but want to be one, then you are in the right place.  The purpose of this blog is to teach and give you all the information you need to rap faster and cleaner.  After reading this you will know how to rap fast with tips on how to improve your flow as well as tips on how to improve your overall speed.

1. Vocal Warmup Exercises To Rap Fast

It is important that if you want to know how to rap fast and cleaner, before starting your rehearsal/practice you need to do a warm-up. You need to do some vocal warm-up exercises that will exercise your vocal cords, your mouth, and lips to enable them to practice for longer intervals. They help you to comfortably extend your range.

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Lip Trill

This exercise is helpful to loosen up your vocal cords. What you have to do is relax your lips, and blow air through your mouth as if you were underwater and trying to breathe. For blowing this air use the muscles of your diaphragm. Now you should keep blowing so that there is a sound heard. The sound should resemble “brrbrrbrr…” Essentially, that of a motorboat by simply blowing air through your mouth and nose. This exercise relaxes your lips while making your vocals strong.

Tongue Trill

Tongue trill exercise basically involves rolling your ‘R’s. This can prove to be hard for many but for rappers, it is a must to know how to roll your ‘R’s in tongue trill exercise. The exercise requires you to vibrate your tongue against the top of your mouth such that the air flowing out causes it. The sound coming out should be disturbed due to this vibration. Voila! You are tongue-trilling. A tongue trill and a lip trill have the same benefits:

  • Extended vocal range
  • Smooth transition from upper vocal range to lower range and vice versa.

Jaw Loosening

For this one, what you want to do is to drop your jaw while rapping, more than how much you normally do when talking. Now you don’t want to drop your chin while doing this.

Humming Exercise

The humming warm-up is one of the easiest to perform. This exercise also poses the least strain on your cords. For this warm-up, you need to keep your mouth closed and hum. Remember to keep your tongue behind your lower front teeth. Hum up and hum down. The only sound that should be heard is that of “hmmm”.

Vocal warm-ups are a first. Let’s get to improving the speed of spitting verses at unbelievable speeds!

2. Pick Up the Meter of the Beat To Rap Fast

As much as rapping on the beat is necessary, picking up the meter of your beat is really important. Start with around 80 beats per minute and then try increasing it gradually over time. Do not get too comfortable with a single rate of bpm and keep pushing yourself. The one thing to remember is to not form bad habits while you are at it. Some bad habits that you might pick up could include saying the lyrics unclearly and without proper articulation. Steer clear of such bad habits that you might fall in.

3. Breath Control – Breaths to Maintain Energy

Breath control is really important when rapping. This is because there has to be a flow even in fast rapping. Placing syllables anywhere will not do as this disrupts the flow of rapping. Below are some tongue twisters for practicing a good throw of words and proper enunciation. Try saying them in a single breath and check how much you can do. Deep breathing is an important technique to keep the most control over your breath while rapping. Try increasing your lung capacity with breathing exercises as well. Think of your diaphragm as a balloon and try to fill it to the max in the minimum time possible.

To make you less likely to run out of breath, you w to strengthen your diaphragm. This cannot be done overnight, however consistent exercise will help. Take and a deep breath, exhale everything out and then try keeping your lungs completely empty for 5 seconds. Now take a quick breath for 5 long seconds and then hold it in for 10 seconds. You can perform this exercise daily 3 to 5 times a day with 3 reps to help you strengthen your breath interval!

4. Clarity Is Important

Saying the lyrics fast is important but making it clear so that it is properly audible to the listeners is even more important. Your words that you have written so well and after so much deliberation, need to be clear for people to listen and appreciate them. So rap clean. A good exercise for improving clarity is recording and listening. Once you hear your own voice, you know how much clarity is there in your rapping. It is difficult to gauge how much clarity is there considering the fact that you already know the lyrics and hence, they may sound crystal clear to you. That will not be the case with listeners listening to your original raps.

5. Consonant Pronunciation for Rapping Clean

Rappers like Twista and Busta Rhymes not only know how to rap fast but they also have a great sense of timing, have a great flow, and also amazing enunciation! For rappers and all those curious how to rap fast when there are vowels and consonants continuously trying to disrupt your flow, here is the answer. Your tongue moves differently to pronounce consonants and differently to pronounce vowels. With consonants, the air does not move freely within you. This is because of the placement of the tongue and the teeth while making those sounds. The airflow is thus inhibited.

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6. Rap Clean with Vowel Pronunciation

This is not the case with the pronunciation of vowels. the breath flows uninhibitedly throughout the mouth. Now, most of the sounds in the English language, 21 to be precise, are consonants and only 5 are vowels. Namely: A, E, I, O, and U. Now the thing with vowels and consonants for rapping is this creates a trick that I once learned. For rappers to rap fast, they need to create a balance between vowels and consonants with the stressed and unstressed syllables in your rap track. This ensures clean raps that are easy to understand and audible.

7. How To Rap Fast the Fun Way: Tongue Twisters For The Win

Tongue twisters are a really important part of improving your rapping speed and articulation in a very fun way. The tongue twisters given below should be practiced along with a metronome. Set it at 80 bpm and try hitting each syllable of the tongue twister on each beat. This is fun and exciting at the same time. Now once you get better at it, up it to 85 bpm and so on until it is at a good speed or the speed the verse should be at. Now pick up another such tongue twister and repeat. Below are the tongue twisters for your practice:

  • “She stood on the balcony,inexplicably mimicking him hiccupping,and amicably welcoming him home.”

  • “How much wood would a woodchuck chuckif a woodchuck could chuck wood?He would chuck, he would, as much as he could,and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

  • “Brisk brave brigadiers brandished broad bright blades, blunderbusses, and bludgeons—balancing them badly.”

  • “As he gobbled the cakes on his plate,the greedy ape said as he ate,the greener green grapes are,the keener keen apes areto gobble green grape cakes.They’re great!”

Using already existing rap songs for this type of exercise can also work similarly. Songs by Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem are the best to try out for the sole purpose of rapping fast. Try out your favorite rap songs and practice them in a similar manner to better your rapping! How about Eminem’s Godzilla? Try and let me know how it went in the comments.

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