How to Become a Rapper: Basics, Being Good, and Becoming Famous

To become a famous and successful rapper, you need to become a rapper and to become a rapper, you need to Rap. The last part is the first step and the most vital part. Becoming famous, shouldn’t be the goal. Rapping passionately and incessantly should be the goal. And that’s how you become a great rapper and become famous too. If your question is “How to Rap?” We have answered it in detail here. However, we will discuss that in this guide as well.

To be a Rapper, Rap first. There are however many verticals to becoming a rapper, and many things that you will need and need to keep in mind. When you start off your rapping journey, you should know. It is not going to be easy. And it is not going to be fast. You need to go step by step. Let us take you on a journey of becoming a successful rapper. We have arranged things for you in 3 steps:

1. How to become a Rapper?

2. How to become a good Rapper?

3. How to be a successful Rapper?


To start rapping, if you are a beginner with zero idea, you can start with covers of the Raps you like and think can add to it or is of your style. This way, you will also get practice and gain some idea about how it works and putting it out there. It really helps if you have some experience of gigs or any competitions or performances. You can start with YouTube and Spotify. That is just to test the waters and to see how piqued your interest in rapping is, and if you really want to do it. However, if you are here, we are pretty sure you must have already done this and want to start with your own original music. To become a rapper, you need to rap first.

How to become a rapper

For starting Rapping, you will need to know what you want to write about. Writing the lyrics is one of the most important parts. It is important that you write to something that is really close to your heart and you want to tell it to the world in your own unique way. If you have something to say with a different or a passionate perspective, you need to put that into the lyrics. Stay on the topic and do not deviate. Always write more than require and then cut it down to the important parts only. Bing witty and having a good vocabulary really helps in the writing process. You should use some clever wordplay too. A quick tip: Punchlines in rap are your killer point. Make sure to write killer or funny punchlines.


Now the next part is finding or creating the beats to which you will rap the lyrics. Do not try to rush this process, or you might just miss the beats that could have made your song perfect. Now put it out there for the people to hear. Upload it on platforms or go live performing your piece. Congrats! You have completed 1/3rd of your rapping journey. Give yourself a pat on the back.


Now becoming a good rapper involves hard work. Becoming a good rapper means constantly improving your writing, composition, beats, and voice technique. It also means improving your stage presence, the way you perform live, and the way you record it. Writing about struggles and bigger issues and presenting them in a clever manner is what good rappers are good at. The flow, the melody, rhythm and rhyme, all make the composition a great one.


Use different rhyming techniques like multisyllabic rhyming, internal rhyming, and others. Use different techniques and practice writing with them. If you are looking for some inspiration, read some rap quotes on different types of raps and get some insights.


Writing the chorus is difficult because you never know if it will be a hit or a flop. The chorus is supposed to be catchy; it is the hook of the song and also has to sound good enough all the while, going with the theme, feel, and vibe of your song. Even when writing the bars and the verses, make sure to use impactful and strong words.

Your lyrics shouldn’t portray a vague or abstract image of what you want to say. Another tip is, make the message so direct, it makes people uncomfortable. Move the audience and shake them up a bit. Make them feel something that you know only you can make them feel. Force it upon them and let them think about it every time. Create a voice that doesn’t fade out and that rings in the ears of your audience consciously and subconsciously.


Religiously do your vocal warmup exercises, breathing practice. Practice freestyling a lot at home first and then at competitions.

Confidence is the key. Confidence is very, very, very important when it comes to rapping. Be confident about what you have written and be confident in your voice. The last thing you need as a rapper is low confidence. After you have had some experience in Rapping live and recording it, you will start to notice the changes and improvements in your raping and your confidence. Find a way to show your passion and confidence through your voice. Train your voice to project what you want the audience to feel.


To become a famous and successful artist, what you will have to do is, you need to view your music and art as your business. You need to monitor it, set goals, and also do the marketing.

How to become a famous rapper


It is a really good way to enter the scene or to just let people know that this is you and this is what you do. Get a crew of your own or set up with a locally known DJ and do some shows and performances. Rather than individuals, people like to see it when a group of people perform and showcase together. It will help you in building your fan base.

You should have something that sets you apart, be it a personality or concept, and build your personality around it. Become a part of a group to grab more eyeballs. Create fun and engagement for your audience and hype up the crowd.


…and focus on the music they like. Finding your target audience is important. Know what clicks with your audience and try to incorporate those things in your work to make them immediately connect. Focus on the emotions that pull the strings of their hearts and then make it work for you. This often results in getting shares, likes, and popularity over the internet. If you think it is the videos that will do better in your case, go for videos. They are engaging and hold viewers’ attention no matter where they are.


Your local audience or fan base can do wonders for you if you are able to build on it properly. Build your local audience through gigs and also through social media marketing. Run Facebook–> Cities–> Your city.

List yourself in the local events calendars and other online booking spaces.

SET YOUR GOALS- Music goals, Popularity goals, and Financial goals

Being an artist, it often becomes difficult to set goals. Especially setting financial goals. For you to survive your growing time, you must pay attention to goal setting and work systematically towards it. A tip I read for goal setting recently mentioned setting yearly goals and then breaking them down or dividing them into monthly and quarterly goals. So you do not have to set different goals for every period.

For instance, your goal can be: Gain 100 new subscribers on XYZ, Make XYZ amount of money this quarter from my music. You should set music goals like produce 10 tracks in this quarter.

be a successful and famous rapper


Create your social media presence it’s almost like “free real estate” 😀 You must be on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify. Twitter also helps you engage with your audience. Create a fun space where it is not constantly about your next track. Interact with your followers and engage with them. Put stories, polls, and QnAs and keep your audience engaged. Create a friendly bond with them and aim to retain at least half of your followers and subscribers.

You must have a website too. Your website tells people that you are a real deal. It should be up to date and updated regularly. Whenever you are about to perform a gig or have already performed, the chances of you getting searched up online are very high. Be present on the internet. People will also be able to tag you after or during your performance, this helps in gaining popularity on social media.


Networking with people from your field and industry is an important part. Make friendships and collaborate on some projects. Be updated on who is doing what and where the next gig is. Attend events, online and offline. Help each other grow and fulfill the dream of becoming a rapper.



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