Rap Name Generator Online – Cool Rap Names

Looking for a cool Rap name to start your rapping journey or finish? Generate and find the best and coolest Rap names for yourself and your friends with our random rap name generator. If you don’t rap, you can still use these rapper names as your nicknames!

Let’s Use Your Initials

Choose the name against your first name initial and last name initial. Now that is your rapper name! It’s pretty simple, right? Let’s generate your random rap name.

For instance, my first name is Will and the last name is Smith (I wish!) then my rapper name would be ‘Big Bomb’ 😀

Let the name game begin!

A Li’l A X-1
B Big B Queen
D Real D Rock
E MC E Snow
F Professor F Boi
G Juvenile G King
H Rich H Genius
I Clever I Fresh Ice
J MC J F-3
K Brown K K
L Li’l L Z 000
M Fresh M G
N Master N 4000
O Krazy O O
P Uncle P Mafia
Q Killer Q Peas
R Kid R Dukes
S S S Bomb
T Daddy/Diva T Young
U Platinum U Funk
V Holy V Mac
W Big W Shot
X Babe X Boyz
Y Dirty Y Grandmaster
Z Coco Z Fly

Some Other Ways to Generate a Rapper Name

Following are some templates for your Rap Name, select one and enjoy your own, unique rapper name. Just add what is said in the asterisks, as per your name.

  • *Your first and last name initials* 3000
  • Leo *Last name initial*
  • Dirty *First three to 4 letters of your name *
  • Holy *Your initials*
  • *First letter of your first name* + *Your last name*
  • Pretty Diva *Your nickname*
  • LUV pRoof *Your nickname*
  • Fat checks *Your initials*

You can also generate fancy Rap names on your own. You can do this by the way of adding “Gucci” in front of your name or “The Commander”, “Skrt Skrt” at the end of it! Mix and match and cook up something classy and expensive or relatable and down-to-earth-ish. Try to align your Rap name with the kind of rap music you make the most or with the persona you want to create in front of your audience.

And if you are doing this for fun, then the random rap name generator table should be really fun. Get making cool rap names for you and your friends. However, if you are serious about rapping and have questions like “How to start rapping?” or “How to become a famous or a successful rapper?” you can find answers to them in our articles that incorporate a step by step guide.

How to Pick a Rap Name?

What Shakespeare said is pretty relevant in this case. “What’s in a name?” It is true. If you rap good and people like you, it doesn’t even matter if you have a rap name or not. However, if you do have plenty of reasons to have a rapper name then you should pick one already. I do have some suggestions though.

  1. Your Rap name can be anything. But try not to add “too” much meaning to it. It can have a hint or a slight relevance to your inspiration, persona, or something you resemble to.
  2. You can also use your legal name and add a twist to it by the way of spelling or adding a pun.
  3. One really good tip is to see how it sounds. If it is not too difficult to say out loud then cool! Also, alliteration and onomatopoeia add some extra touch to your rap name. Try it!
  4. Don’t pick something too long.
  5. Examine your audience or your target audience. Go for something that will resonate with them! Or with the concept or persona that you are trying to build.
  6. Pick some words from the above table and mix it up with your name or add a creative touch.
  7. You can also use two random words like go and big and create “Go B.I.G”. It’s that simple. But you need to check if it is available or not. It could already be taken by someone else. This can also show that you are big on the motto “Go big or go home”. It shows that you are passionate and determined to make it to the top. See?
  8. And finally, if it’s catchy and sounds good, plus you like it, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a reason. You can go for the name. But it is important that you like it.

Group Name and Clan Name Generator

Want to name your clan or the OG squad something really cool? Creating a clan name means every member should like it. Stay tuned and we will soon bring you some cool, classy, and sassy clan names for your gaming squad, rap crew, team, and your groups. Watch this space for more. We do have some ready for you below. Claim it first as there are very few!

  • Destroyerz
  • Will kill U 2wice
  • V-06 Parasites
  • X -10minators
  • Bounty KXLLXRZ
  • Camping thr8ts
  • Nasty Drillers
  • In clAn WE TRUST
  • SKillerz X10
  • Xaviours Max

You need a group name and a clan name for your team to identify as one. This builds solidarity and also builds unity and strength in the team. Make the opponents dry with the fear. Just by the clan name. Be it PUBg, Fortnite, COD, or even COC! Gaming Champions need champion-like names too!

A tip: Where ever you are seeing numbers, you can change it to any cool number or you can change it to the number of members on your team. You can do that with letters too. Try to incorporate letters of the names of your team members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rapping

Following are some frequently asked questions by beginners who want to become rappers:

Q: How to Generate Rap name?

A: If you want to find a rap name, you use the Rap Name Generator available online. There are so many of them. You can also try using your initials or the first 3 letters of your first or last name and make something out of it. Using words like “Lil”, “Big”, “MC” at the beginning is recommended. You can also use “Dolla”, ” King”, “Ace”, and others in your Rap name.

Q: How to Become a Rapper?

A: The short answer to that will be to Rap. However, the process is a little longer. You need to write many and many bars or lyrics, they should be witty and meaningful. Then you work on your flow and beats and other such stuff. Check out “How to Become a Rapper?for a detailed guide.

Q: Who is the Biggest Rapper of All Time?

A: Some big names in the rapping music scene are Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Kanye West. Female rappers include Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, and Missy Elliott.

Q: How to Improve My Rapping Voice?

A: Religiously do your vocal exercises and vocal warm-up. Find your true voice, pitch, and depth, and practice in that. Do not try to sing like somebody.

Q: Who is the Fastest Rapper?

A: Twista holds the Guinness world record for being the fastest rapper and his rate was 11.2 syllables per second. You can also rap fast and clean just by doing some vocal exercises daily.